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January 11, 2010

“Poor me”, or “Empower Me”

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Hello to everyone!!

I sincerely hope your day is going well for you, wherever you are.

Blog ideas are coming to me faster than my fingers can type them!!

I know my blog looks very simple yet, but my I.T. skills leave much room for improvement!!  I’ll get it looking ‘pro’ …..it’s just going to be a process, like everything else in life is.  ….And, I will be patient with the process, of course!!……I know you will be too.  Thank you!!!

In my first blog I introduced myself, giving a very brief history of my life.  Since I wrote that, I’ve been thinking about our ‘history stories’.  We each have at least one!!…it could be colorful, boring, exciting, amusing, sad, devastating….or all of the above!!…and many more things as well!!  Our ‘history story’ can be a very heavy burden. I might even add here, that a ‘history story’ doesn’t have to be from 20 or 50 years ago…it could be from yesterday!!

Perhaps we are quick to tell people our ‘history story’ when we meet people on the street, or in the supermarket!!  Or, perhaps we manage to wait until the appropriate challenges arise in our life….then we can blame so much on that ‘history story’ !!  ‘Yes, well, that was the way I was brought up… I suffered….I was abused….I was chronically sick all my life….I was never shown any love, or support’….  the claims can go on and on for ever!!!

It’s a real “Poor me” story….. a successful means of receiving heaps of sympathy votes every single time it’s told. However it keeps us trapped in the darkness of self pity.  It is very self-destructive…..it’s like being in a dark prison, in our own mind.  This happens to most people without them being aware….they simply let their past and their ‘history story’ dictate their lives, and futures.  Without even realizing, it’s much easier to blame someone else …. parents, child, spouse, boss…. (fill in the blank!!!)…..rather than take personal responsibility for their own life.

I had someone say to me, “Give me the opportunity to tell you what my childhood was like, so you’ll understand’.  Well, for me the truth was….I  knew enough details of ‘the childhood’, and had already witnessed the results that ‘the childhood’ had produced. Of course, that person’s at a stage where there needs to come the realization that the ‘history story’ is not serving – it’s making life unbearable.   Change would have to be a very conscious decision, otherwise the ‘history story’ will keep on re-creating itself throughout life.

Now, there is way our ‘history story’ can serve us – to make it an “Empower Me” story.  It then, not only empowers the individual, but also others.  These people have come to accept that what ‘ happened’ cannot be changed, and they realize they can choose to change their perception of what happened. I understand there are some stories that are very heart wrenching and extremely painful….. but instead of wallowing in the pain and self pity, and creating a living ‘hell’, these people realize that the experiences that created the story, happened for their growth and freedom.  These people make a very conscious decision not to become entrapped by their story, and become compassionate toward those who go through similar experiences…giving great help and support.  These people will tell their ‘history story’…. at appropriate times, with the intention to encourage others to make a breakthrough, and grow through their experiences.

I’m sure you could think of at least one person that has been able to ‘conquer the demons’ of their ‘history story’.  I can. A couple of years ago, I saw a man on a stage,… who at a young age (9, I believe, without getting his book out!!) was in an accident on a train line…losing both his legs.  He didn’t have artificial legs, yet managed to get himself out of his wheelchair, and up onto a laddered platform, to sit and speak to us from the stage. His ‘history story’ isn’t one of pain and suffering, (even though there was an astounding amount of suffering though the actual experience) ….but the essence of his story is courage, overcoming and achieving dreams….even without any legs…. and even ‘climbing’  Mount Killmanjaro in Africa.  His name is Tony Christiansen, from New Zealand. He is a truly amazing, inspiring person.  His ‘history story’ is titled Don’t Just Sit There – and it certainly inspires each of us to make our history an “Empower Me” story.

So??….is your ‘history story’ keeping you trapped, or setting you free??

Let’s chat again soon,

Love, Julie



January 9, 2010

My Intention For My Blog

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To all who come to read my Blog.

Firstly, I sincerely want to thank every person/soul that has been ‘an instrument’ in the evolution of my soul.  Some are from a past generation, some have played a more major role than others, some I have known for a long time, others a shorter time.  There’s some I have never met in person….well, not yet, anyway!!  Each of these souls have come into my life at the perfect time, for the perfect length of time… helping me to realize mySelf.

My intention is that Light, Wisdom and Healing would flow through me – to you, my readers.

Light – will always illuminate darkness. So, I intend that my blog will help reveal, and heal any darkness in your life.

Wisdom. One definition I have is:- Knowledge, intuition and experience combine to guide us.  I intend to help you realize your true wisdom is already within you, not in anything external to you.

Healing. Primarily my intention is to help heal the separation that has been caused through learned beliefs, that “God” is only found outside of you.  In healing that separation, you can allow all kinds of healing in your life!

At this time in humanity’s history, the “seed of awakening” has been germinating for a very, very long time, and is bursting forth.  For those of you who read my blog, and it ‘feels’ right – allow the process to continue, and allow the gentle unfurling of consciousness to blossom.

I know there will be some who will criticize and downright disagree with what I write.  I do not intend to change your mind, or anything you choose to believe.  Nor am I going to argue with you, nor defend myself.  If you find yourself in this catagory – then please just quit reading, and move on….Ahhh!!….too late!!!….that seed has already been sown!!!

Do you know?? – my reader, and friend, that you are a very special gift to this world.

So, let’s keep ourselves ‘open’ to all sorts of wonderful insights!!

Love to you all,


December 21, 2009

May I Introduce Myself!!

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Good morning everyone!!

It’s a beautiful summer morning here in the lower Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia.  So nice in fact, that I spent a few hours sitting out in the backyard….that was my office this morning!!

Let me introduce myself!!

My name is Julie Angelina.  (What else would you like to know??) I’ll briefly give you some of my ‘history’….just for the record!!

I was born in the autumn of 1961 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  I am the eldest of four siblings.  What I remember most of my school days was that I attracted those that needed a ‘shoulder to cry on’….and in some way I was able to make those people feel better.  My mother was diagnosed with ‘mental health’ issues…and at a very young age I witnessed first hand how inadequately conventional medicine dealt with the ‘complaint’.  Hence, I developed a keen interest in energetic medicines, and the metaphysical.

In 1987 I moved to Sydney and got married.  In the process of time, I enjoyed two wonderful pregnancies, and awesome birth experiences….and two beautiful sons.  This year they turned 20 and 18 years of age respectively…. they are very special to me.

So, here I am, back to 2009!!!  …that was quick hey??  I love to read…however I’m a selective reader!!  I read autobiographies of special souls who have had to find within themselves great strength and courage, passion and determination.  I also read many books on mind/body connections and Self Realization ….and my journey has brought me to now, beginning to experience so much of what I’ve read.  Some of my favorite authors include – Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle,…. I am so thankful for the insights of wisdom they have given me, and indeed the courage to make some huge life changing decisions.

Now, my intention, through my blog, is to connect with as many people as I can, and to help people become aware that they are not separated from the Creative Source.

My deepest desire is to humbly ‘Be’ …Light, Wisdom and Healing …. to all those I can touch.

This journey truly is awesome….come on it with me!!

Love to you,


December 19, 2009

Hello world!

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